Maybe you love working alone.

Maybe you dream of outsourcing everything to a team of full-time employees, but you're just not quite there yet.

Maybe you'd happily throw money at some projects just to make them go away.

That's why I've structured my services to let you choose the time vs. money investment that makes sense for your business (and your budget!)

so, how (much) can I help?



- 20-30 minute recording
- Written summary + next steps
- Response within two business days

What's Included:

Get unstuck with fast, personalized feedback on *that thing* that's been tripping you up.

Record a quick video of your question - a workflow you'd like to get fresh eyes on; how to implement a new-to-you tool or platform; "how would you set up XYZ in ClickUp" - and I'll send a screen recording with my thoughts and recommendations.

If I don't think I can be helpful after reviewing your video, I'll shoot you a quick note with whatever info I do have and issue a full refund. (You're looking at the definition of zero risk.)

One Question



- Pre-call questionnaire 
- 60-minute live call
- Call recording within 48 hours

What's Included:

Hands-on, one-on-one help, 60 minutes at a time.

We'll roll up our sleeves, share passwords and screens, and dig right in to any issues you're having. You might be surprised how much we can accomplish in an hour!

This is a great option if you learn best by doing the thing. I can answer any questions you have and show you exactly what to do in real time, and you'll be able to refer back to the call recording if you ever need a refresher.

We'll spend our last few minutes creating an action plan, so you'll know exactly what to do next.

One Hour



- Direct access to me via Voxer for five business days, 9a-4p Eastern
- Response within 2 hours

What's Included:

Ever wonder what it'd be like to have an operations pro in your pocket?

That's what you get with a full week of direct access to me via the Voxer voice messaging app. I'll check in every morning to plan for the day (and to make sure you remember to use me!), and I'm only a voice note away whenever you have a question.

This is a great option for added accountability and support when you're working on setting up a new system, upgrading your workflows, launching something new, or working on your business instead of in your business.

One Week

Sure, my business is better organized, more efficient, + accomplishing more than ever, but I'm also way more sane.


"Sam has become my business brain. Before hiring her, I was being pulled in a million directions; reacting to my business, rather than consciously and intentionally directing it towards specific goals. She gives my head permission to turn off all the minutiae and focus on my clients and the overall trajectory of my business."

Sam has been a gift - the best investment I have ever made not just in my business, but for myself.


"Sam uses extraordinary judgment, works tirelessly, and amplified our effectiveness three-fold. She helped me rethink our business, creating efficiencies and smart processes. More importantly, she helped me worry less about running a business and more about helping my clients."

Starts at $497


- Fast Monday-Friday process
- SFE Small Business HQ structure
- One week Voxer support

What's Included:

Ready for a ClickUp workspace that works for you?

I'll implement and customize my Small Business HQ ClickUp structure to fit your business, all between your first cup of coffee on Monday and happy hour on Friday.

Perfect for total ClickUp newbies and intermediate users (you like the functionality, but you're spending more time working on ClickUp than working on stuff that makes you money).

Includes a week of post-project support via Voxer, so you won't lose a minute of momentum.

One Project: ClickUp Setup

Pricing varies


- Initial consultation call
- Customized project plan to fit your timeline and budget

What's Included:

You don't want to fully bring another person into your business. You just want that one thing off your plate; to hand it off to someone who doesn't need a bunch of hand-holding to get it done.

What can these projects look like?
- Setting up your Dubsado account, creating new workflows
- Adding a new course or product to Teachable/Thinkific/etc.
- Installing and formatting a new Showit template
- Adding your copy and graphics to a Canva template

Have something else in mind? Custom projects always start with a consult call to make sure I've got the right skills to deliver what you need.

One Project: Custom

Monthly Retainer

I'm currently fully booked for retainer client work. If you'd like to join the waitlist to be notified when I have availability in the future, click the button below.

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Working with Sam just made things super easy. She took initiative and got the ball rolling.


"As my business began to scale, my workflow couldn't keep up. I was at this tipping point where I literally did not have time to onboard new clients, and I was missing business because I wasn't able to show up in my inbox. If you feel like you're running out of time, or you don't have time to do all the tech behind the scenes, she'll take care of it - and it just works."

I truly feel so much more equipped and empowered to continue growing and scaling my business.


"I loved her low-key energy but also feeling like I was working with someone who took their work as seriously as I do. Don't keep sitting on the fence, spending precious energy and mental space you really, actually need to be profitable and enjoy what you do. Partner with Sam to seamlessly step in alongside you and match your stride. It's well worth it."

Sam has completely taken over making my sales pages, workbooks, and other product content look professional.


"Handing copy to Sam and getting something that I can be proud of back in return is such a relief. She's self-directed and makes great judgment calls about how to present my plain text in a way that enhances what I wrote up but has the common sense to know when to get feedback or ask for input when it matters."

An OBM is an Online Business Manager, a PM is a Project Manager, and a VA is a Virtual Assistant.

In general, an OBM is more about the big picture - creating systems and managing all the moving parts - and a VA is more involved in day-to-day tasks. A PM can fall somewhere in between - developing systems, delegating tasks, and handling some projects themselves. This is how I tend to think of myself.

The most effective approach to getting the help you need is to clearly identify areas and projects where you'd like some help, and find a real person who offers that service.


Whether you've been in business for 20 minutes or 20 years, you deserve options for professional support that meet you where you are. Maybe you love working solo but the gurus said you can't scale without a team (you can); maybe you'd love a team but you're not realistically there financially (ever notice how everyone who says "you have to spend money to make money!" usually wants you to buy something?). 

Not everyone needs (or wants!) a business manager or VA on retainer. That's why I've organized SFE into three tiers - do it yourself, do it together, and done for you - so you can choose the time vs. money investment that makes the most sense for you and your business.


We can create action plans and develop systems for almost any area of your business: inquiries, proposals, and onboarding; getting paid; client communications; building a task management system; asking for testimonials; scheduling calls and meetings; budgeting and expense tracking; creating a digital filing system; taming your inbox; organizing your passwords; creating and scheduling content; tracking inventory; streamlining your branding; pitching PR opportunities; booking podcast guests... the list goes on!

(Pssst: the list *literally* goes on in this blog post.)

Short answer? Automation + Boundaries = Systems.

Like them or not, you've already got workflows - whether they're consistent, efficient, and easily repeatable is another story. I'll help you streamline them, define boundaries around them, and choose automation tools that fit your budget and your business.

Watch out for anyone who treats automation as the end game: without a clear vision for how you want your business to run and strong boundaries to support that vision, you'll end up paying for slightly-less-manual versions of the exact same struggles you're having right now.

Let's chat about it, but the answer is almost always yes.

I've worked with nonprofit CEOs, musicians, artists, consultants, strategists, thought leaders and speakers, coaches, tech startups, spirits importers, wedding vendors, realtors, Etsy sellers, event space owners... I love a new challenge, and I'd be stoked to add you to the list!


Before working with Sam, I felt like I was playing one massive game of whac-a-mole.

I was stuck in the weeds, wasting time and energy trying to do everything; jumping from task to task trying to slowly inch everything forward. Exhausting. I have more time, energy, and brain space thanks to our super slick new systems, but even more importantly, our clients are better supported at each step of the process!


It's always worth getting a fresh perspective on what you're knee-deep in on a daily basis.

I finally have some actual action steps to take on my workflows. I always had "improve workflows" on my to-do list, but I never did it because I didn't have an action plan. I know that implementing the changes we talked about will help elevate my customer experience.


Samantha is the best at everything she does.

I'm not even biased, that's just the truth. You should see how well she puts cheese in a bowl.*

*Dear reader, this is an actual compliment she gave me on taco night. No, we will not let her live it down.


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i believe

better systems will change your business, and when you're a small business owner, that will change your life.

peter, COURSE CREATOR - retainer:

"Just get on a call with Sam and you'll see why she's so helpful."

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